Living Yoga Method

Meditation Teacher Training Programme

The Final Component of Living Yoga's Trilogy of Teacher Trainings

Sept 2024 - May 2025  


This programme has been a long time in the making, 27 years to be precise.

It was back then in 1997 that Steve received shaktipath (transmission of energy) and was initiated into the state of meditation by his teacher Swami Yogeshwaranand. Now, with the dawning of the Ashram, a collective readiness in the sangha and all the foundational practices in place, it is time to formally establish the LY Meditation System as a portal through which living yogis can establish themselves in the unshakeable stillness of being.

The course is open to dedicated practitioners who have completed the Level 1 LYM Teacher Training (or equivalent)


The Uniqueness of the Living Yoga Meditation System

Steve has distilled the essence of the yogic meditation tradition and developed a system of meditation which manages to blend a strong, methodical structure of meditation practice with enough play and flexibility to empower the practitioner to make the practice their own and mould it to their own innate temperament. This synthesis of structure and flexibility encourages the practitioner to engage in a joyful dance between effort and surrender, imbuing the method of meditation with a sense of exploration and natural joyfulness.

The uniqueness of the LYM Meditation System lies in its capacity to encapsulate all the main meditation methods of the yogic tradition into a singular system and format that is accessible, understandable, progressive and most importantly adaptable to an individual's temperament and natural devotion.

The structure of the course is designed to empower you as a practitioner to experientially understand how meditation works whilst establishing a lifetime of meditation practice for yourself and developing all the tools you need to share the method with others.

The Method

The Living Yoga Meditation System utilises all of the essential components of the yogic tradition's rich and ancient meditation heritage and weaves them together into a single, coherent sadhana.

These components are;

1. Gazing - Trataka - to balance the brain and isolate the central nervous system,
2. Breath Awareness - Anapana Dhyana - to concentrate the mind,
3. Mantra Meditation to journey through the koshas (layers of body/mind) to the essential stillness of being,
4. Samyama - feeling contemplation - to awaken latent potential,
5. Hridaya - establishing an unshakeable seat of consciousness in the heart.

These 5 practice components are supported throughout by the practice of asana, pranayama and Sushumna Kriya to ensure a supply of fresh energy and karmic clearance for the meditator.

Swami Yogeshwarnand

The Course

The 9 month LYM Meditation Teacher Training Programme will give you as a Living Yogi and LYM Coach the opportunity to complete (or take the next step in completing) your full training in the Method. 

As a course participant you will be part of a small group of sincere aspirants at the epicentre of a new wave of meditation practice that will gradually sweep through the Ashram. You will take up ancient practices of meditation that will strengthen your mental powers. You will learn how to fall back from the noise of your mind and establish yourself in a deep inner stillness from where all true self-knowledge is revealed.

You will be trained as all aspirants have traditionally been trained - in a forest Ashram - living with your teacher - practicing sadhana, satsang and seva. 

Each gathering will be a retreat in itself as together, we create an environment conducive to inner unfolding. At times you will practice mouna (inner silence). You will learn to eat, breathe, move, work, think and sleep meditatively; because of this you will be an example to others and perhaps also a guide on how to live the day-to-day with greater awareness and purpose.

The training will be a deep immersion in yogic living and what it really means to be a Living Yogi!

The Living Yoga Meditation System


1. The 7 stages of Anapana Dhyana (breath awareness)

2. The 9 forms of Trataka Dhyana (gazing)

3. Hridaya Dhyana (establishing a seat in the heart)

4. The 2 Pathways and 4 forms of Nyasa Dhyana (body rotation)

5. The first Mantra Dhyana - (I Am)



The Integrated Living Yoga Meditation System - personalised to the individual.


STEVE HARRISON - Founder of Yoga Sanctuary & the Living Yoga Method

SARAH HARRISON - Co-Director of Yoga Sanctuary & LYM Teacher

JULIE HYPHER - LYM Teacher & Custodian of Wildwood

ELLIOT HOUSE - LYM Teacher & Co-custodian of Wildwood

Course Requirements

To participate in this LYM Meditation Teacher Training Programme you will need to have first completed at least one previous LYM teacher training (basic or advanced); be maintaining a regular LYM sadhana; be happy to live an alcohol, drug and meat free existence for the duration of the course; have a conducive home practice space and be able to commit to all of the residential training weekends. You will need to have a fire in your belly, a passion for the Method and an eagerness to dive deep into the meditation practices! You will also need to be in good physical and mental condition and be willing to bring all your energy to a truly amazing process.

Throughout the Programme it is necessary to maintain regular contact with Steve through attending the sessions (online or in person).

For the duration of the course we offer Teacher Trainees 30% discount on Ashram Membership.

Course Structure

Our Meditation Teacher Training Programme runs over a period of 9 months with 8 fully residential training weekends at the Ashram, which includes an opening and closing 4-day retreat.

Training Dates

Please note it is essential to attend all of the training sessions without exception in order to attain accreditation

Opening 4-Day Residential Retreat @ The Ashram:

Thursday 5th September 2024
Friday 6th September 2024
Saturday 7th September 2024
Sunday 8th September 2024

Six Residential Training Weekends (Friday night to Sunday)  @ The Ashram :

4th-6th October 2024 7th-9th February 2025
1st-3rd November 2024 7th-9th March 2025
29th Nov-1st Dec 2024 4th-6th April 2025

2 month break Dec & Jan

1 month break April 2025

Closing 4-Day Residential Retreat @ The Ashram  :

Thursday 1st May 2025
Friday 2nd May 2025
Saturday 3rd May 2025
Sunday 4th May 2025

Programme Fee Total: £3,250


  • 26 fully residential training days over 8 weekends and closing 4-day retreat;
  • Full board accommodation each weekend
  • Comprehensive LYM Meditation E-Manual

Once your place has been confirmed, a deposit of £820 is required to secure your place on the programme, followed by 3 instalments of £810 due on 1st September 2024, 1st December 2024, 1st March 2025.


Applications Now Open!

Please email and outline the following:

  • Your reasons for wishing to enrol on the course;
  • Your commitment to the programme & willingness to undertake a process of self-transformation;
  • Your yogic journey to date;
  • Confirmation of (1) your capacity to meet course requirements & (2) ability to attend all of the training dates.

Namaste Yogi

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