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This 200-hour Living Yoga Teacher Training Programme, accredited by the Independent Yoga Network, offers a comprehensive, in-depth immersion in the five life transforming components of the Living Yoga Method. The programme is open to all sincere Living Yogi’s who desire to dive deeper into the ancient technology and philosophical underpinnings of the Living Yoga Method, whilst simultaneously developing the skills to confidently and effectively guide others along its life changing path.

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The Method

The Living Yoga Method is the distilled essence of decades of yogic practice and exploration by its founder Steve Harrison. The method comprises of the most select and effective tools for self-transformation drawn from the ancient tradition of Hatha Yoga, delivered in an innovative and modern context. The power of the method lies in its simplicity, supreme efficiency and accessibility , enabling any practitioner with a little self-commitment, to systematically take back control of their body, breath and mind and reclaim their power.

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The Course Objective

The course is designed to offer you a deep, thorough and rounded yogic education that will enable you to master the Level 1 Living Yoga Method, embody its wisdom and teachings, confidently conduct an 8-week Living Yoga Beginners Programme and effectively teach a Level 1 Living Yoga Session.

Training to be a Living Yoga Teacher

The Living Yoga Method consists of 5 components; Breath Training, Posture Training, Digestion Training, Cold Training and Mind-Set Training As a Trainee Living Yoga Teacher you will receive rigorous training in the practice, theory and background philosophy of all 5 components. Remember, as Living Yoga Teachers we can only share what we ourselves have experienced and we can only inspire others to do what we ourselves have done.

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Breath training

In this component you will undertake an in-depth exploration of the two ‘master breaths’ of the Living Yoga Method: Double Breathing and Ujjayi Breathing . You will learn the most effective means to guide practitioners in the practice of these two breathing techniques and how to refine the practices in order to gain the maximum benefit. You will also become familiar with the extraordinary effects these two master breaths can have on our internal chemistry and how they can be used to reset the mind and create a positive state-change.

Posture Training

With the help of Steve’s special ‘Posture Clinics’ you will learn how to dismantle and rebuild each of the 25 postures of the Living Yoga Method. Together we will explore the mechanics, alignments, pulse actions, variations and adaptions of each posture along with their physical, energetic and mental effects, enabling you and your potential students to gain maximum nourishment from all of the asanas. Along with the Posture Clinics, you will also unlock the energetic intelligence behind the specific sequencing of asanas.

Digestion Training

In this component you will learn the ancient yogic method for activating inner fire, through the progressive practices of Uddhiyana Bandha, Agni Sara and Nauli . By the completion of the training programme you will feel confident, competent and well informed to deliver a short workshop on the practice and theory of these amazing techniques so as to further inspire yourself and others to take on these digestion-boosting techniques.

Cold Training

In this important aspect of the Living Yoga Method you will explore a step-by-step, progressive approach to cold training that is both safe and sustainable. We will look into the latest scientific evidence verifying the extraordinary healing and strengthening effects of this revolutionary component of the Living Yoga Method. Together we will also make good use of the ‘Fire & Ice’ facilities at the Yoga Sanctuary to delve into the more advanced aspects of ‘Cold Training’.

Mindset Training

This final component of the training is wide reaching, and in many ways specific and unique to the Living Yoga Method. In Living Yoga it’s not just ‘what’ we do, but ‘how’ we do it that is of greatest importance. Liberating ourselves from the tyranny of our own egos is key and for this we have four extraordinary principles unique to the Living Yoga Method that inform everything we do in the practice: Sukha (ease), Spanda (pulse), Lila (play) and Poorna (Fulfilment), combined with the ‘6 Keys To Success’ and a generally life-positive outlook. This Mindset training allows us to gradually transcend the limitations of our psychology and gain greater and greater mastery over our minds. If you have ever wondered what makes Living Yoga feel so special, but not quite been able to figure out why, it is probably this component. Throughout the training programme you will learn to infuse your own, and other’s practice, with certain life enhancing ideas that more effectively allow the practice to take you out of your head and bring you back to your heart.

Yoga Philosophy

As well as mastering the method of Living Yoga, a Living Yoga Teacher must also be fluent and well versed in the ancient philosophical framework of yoga, which serves to underpin the method itself. Together we will engage in a profound study of yoga’s wisdom tradition, which has been handed down from teacher to student for millennia. Our studies and discussions will include the yogic theories of:

Pancha Kosha (the 5 bodies)
Pancha Bhuta (the 5 elements)
Pancha Marga (the 5 paths of yoga)
Pancha Vayu (the 5 inner winds)
Tri Nadi (the 3 energy channels)
Shat Chakra (the 6 chakras)
Ashtanga Yoga (the 8 limbs of yoga)
Yama & Niyama (the 10 precepts)

In true Living Yoga style, all of these profound topics will be explored in a modern context, which makes them relevant and approachable for the yogic practitioner of today.

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"Whether you are looking to become a Yoga Teacher or keen to deepen your own practice, the Yoga Sanctuary Teacher Training Course will do both! It has has strengthened my knowledge and understanding of Hatha Yoga which I continue to build on every day.  Life changing!" ~ Carly Brown

"The YS Teacher Training Course delivers an entirely systematic framework which enables you to share this powerful,  practical method of Living Yoga with beginners and fellow practitioners!" ~ Sarah Spooner

"The knowledge, guidance and support the Sanctuary and other course members have given me has changed my life forever, it's giving me the confidence to live my life how I want to and the belief I can achieve anything!" ~ Kev

Course Requirements

Passion, commitment and a love of the practice are the key requirements. We tend to be our own worst critics, so remember your practice does not need to be ‘perfect’ in order to join the Teacher Training Programme, but it does need to be consistent and you will need to know the Level 1 Living Yoga practice by heart before you begin the course and be confident in the 6-6 rhythm Ujjayi. The programme is designed as an alchemical process that will not only transform you into a teacher but also into a yogi. For this alchemy to occur it is necessary to bring a great deal of purity to our body and minds. For this reason each participant will be required to adopt a prana-positive vegetarian diet and an alcohol and drug free lifestyle for the first 6 months of the programme. After which, with your system purified, you will be able to discern your own personal requirements in order to maintain inner health and well-being.

Please take time to honestly reflect on your capacity to fulfil these requirements before making your application.

Course Structure

The Living Yoga Teacher Training Programme is 9 months in duration, consists of 9 modules and includes 9 training meetings at the Wildwood Retreat Centre, Hamle. Each module has a specific home sadhana for you to practice and by your Teacher Training E-Manual to support your home study. For the duration of the course you are also required to continue with regular Living Yoga sessions with a qualified Living Yoga teacher.

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