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What is the

Living Yoga Method?

The Living Yoga Method, or LYM for short, is a system of practices designed to maximize human potential. Synthesized by its founder, Steve Harrison, the LYM is a systematic approach to the ancient technologies of yoga. Combining timeless wisdom with modern science and practical techniques, this Method was created to thoroughly empower its practitioners. It is the distillation of over two decades of research into the possibilities for human existence, as explored through the avenues of breath, mind, and body.

At times when basic human liberties are being challenged, we must rely upon the abundant inner resources emerging from within our own being. The ability to maximize our potential and to live a life of peace, health and happiness is an opportunity available to all who are willing to take the journey.

The steps have been carved out for you. This is your invitation.

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How it works…


Breath Training

"Breath is Life!"

Every Living Yoga Session begins with the Method’s revolutionary ‘Double Breathing’ practice to fully oxygenate and energise your cells, detox your blood, overhaul your respiratory system, boost your immune response and reset your mind! Breath Training will restore your whole body and mind to a natural equilibrium.

“Double Breathing is off the scale compared to any practice i have done before - after just 1 round I feel clear headed, healthy lungs, always uplifted and renewed. Truly life changing, the whole world should be doing this right now!" ~ Sara Williams

Posture Training

“More than simply stretching"

Utilising the Living Yoga Method’s signature ‘Pulse’ technique , each posture is tailor-made for YOUR unique body, using the rhythm of the breath to pulse in and out of body positions. Posture Training will help you develop a strong, healthy and flexible body; so you'll not only feel great in your own skin but genuinely confident to take on any of life’s challenges.

“Wow, love the morning sessions! This morning I can truely say I connected with my breath in the postures and had a real sense of the let go. I feel positive for the rest of the day ahead.” ~ Charleene Stevens

Mindset Training

“Reclaim your mind"

The Living Yoga Method life-positive philosophy is weaved into every session , empowering you to cultivate a calm, focused and stress-resilient mindset. Mindset Training will help you develop an incredible force within which can facilitate any transformation.

“Interspersed throughout are Steve's insightful gems, sprinkles of yogic philosophy" ~ Judy Grill 

"Every practice I learn something new, connect with somewhere deeper and love the ongoing effects throughout my day.”
~ Chris Costidell

And as you progress...

Cold Water Training

"Switching the shower from hot to cold will change your life forever!"

A cold shower a day will help keep the doctor away and enable us to build a super strong immune system, sharp and fearless mind with a strong, stress-busting nervous system. 

“Never thought I'd say this but... I can't wait to chuck myself in the ice bath again! Cold showering is just a part of my routine now, I can't imagine not doing it! Remember my face when you first told me about it? Never dreamed I'd keep it up!" ~ Rosie Paton

Digestion Training

"Ignite a new fire in your belly!"

Crank up your digestion & burn up lethargy! We're not only talking about the ability to digest food when we are talking about digestion. The LYM uses a simple but potent technique to ignite a new ‘fire in your belly’ and optimise your digestive functioning, empowering you to ‘digest life’.

“Loving the fire in the belly! I gave up caffeine 4 weeks ago and have been struggling massively with focus and motivation, but since I started the digestion training a few days ago I have been flying! I can't even believe how huge the effect has been on me.....and I wasn't even looking for it, so it can't be a placebo. AMAZING STUFF!” ~ Henry Wallace

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What is the

Yoga Sanctuary?

Image of the Yoga Sanctuary Room

The Yoga Sanctuary has been an oasis in the heart of the city of Southampton for over 20 years, offering a dedicated and welcome space for all who come to explore the Living Yoga Method. More than just a yoga studio, the Sanctuary is also home to its Founder Steve Harrison, his wife, life partner and co-director Sarah, along with their family of three girls.

For thousands of Living Yoga students, the Yoga Sanctuary has become an energy hub to plug into for continued inspiration, renewal and personal transformation. Since Lockdown, the Yoga Sanctuary has reached out through live stream classes to create an ever expanding and truly global community of Living Yogis.

The Sanctuary also offers Intensive Retreats and Teacher Training Programmes  at basic and advanced levels, making it the home of Yoga in Southampton.

Recently the Yoga Sanctuary has collaborated with our very own living yogi Julie Hypher of Wildwood Nutrition  to create the first exclusive Living Yoga Retreat Centre offering immersive Living Yoga retreats in an area of outstanding natural beauty at Wildwood in Hamble. We look forward to seeing you there for an  Immersion Experience!


Image of Steve Harrison

Steve Harrison:

Having set off as a young traveller in his late teens, Steve arrived in the Himalayan foothills a few years later to experience a life-changing encounter with a Yoga Master. For the next two decades, Steve spent the majority of his time researching, practicing, applying and eventually teaching these ancient methods for human transformation. Midway through this deep dive on the spiritual path, Steve made a life-altering decision and chose to live out his extraordinary life as an ordinary human being. This led him to welcome a family into his life - his wife Sarah and their three daughters. He feels that any body, regardless of their background, heritage, lifestyle, genetics, or history, can benefit from some simple practices, and can choose to live a life of true freedom. However life might appear, Steve is determined to live it fully, and hopes to inspire others to do the same. The birth of the Living Yoga Method and the Yoga Sanctuary are the result of 25 years of one simple human being, living yoga.

Sarah Wilks-Harrison:

Sarah began her Yoga journey at the Sanctuary 20 years ago, completing her basic and advanced Teacher Training before becoming Co-Director of the Yoga Sanctuary in 2009. Since a young adult, Sarah has been committed to the practices of yoga which have empowered her, and those around her, as she raises her three daughters and manages the day-to-day operations of the Yoga Sanctuary. Over the years Sarah has worked extensively sharing Yoga for Women's Wellbeing and offers sessions to raise awareness of the deeper understanding of the menstrual cycle for women's empowerment. She is at the heart of the Yoga Sanctuary, ensuring its smooth running, supporting Steve in all aspects of the teaching work and facilitation of Teacher Training courses and Immersion Days.

Elliot House:

Elliot had been riding the yogic wave for several years before it washed him up at the doors of the Sanctuary. Since then, he has been transformed by the Living Yoga Method into a proud and dedicated practitioner, as well as a gifted and impassioned teacher whose love for both the practice and the sangha shines through with every class. As Founder and host of the ‘Lunchtime Breathe’, he openly shares his unshakeable faith in the Method on a daily basis, and dives deep into the philosophy and wisdom of Living Yoga as presenter of the ‘Yoga Joyride’ podcast . Having graduated through the LYM Teacher Training Programme, Elliot is now teaching at the Yoga Sanctuary, as well as undergoing a LYM Apprenticeship in ‘Fire & Ice’ and training in advanced breathwork with Steve.

Ross Howard:

Ross started his yoga journey in 2016 with Mike Lever, a graduate teacher of the Yoga Sanctuary. Since then, Ross has become a committed practitioner, weaving yoga into every aspect of his life. Having completed the LYM Teacher Training Programme in 2021, his life has become dedicated to practicing and spreading the wisdom of yoga. He is always ready to support anyone who wishes to grow and continues to deepen his own practice. Ross is currently training with Steve to become a LYM Breath Coach.

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