Introduction Programme

Come and learn the Method that is changing 1000's of lives

with the LYM Introduction Programme

Choose your path to get started


Online Introduction Course

Get started TODAY, at your own pace, in your own space. Includes everything you need to confidently follow the pratice and join all our LYM Sessions at the Ashram.

  “Excellent introduction to Living Yoga Method. So engaging and helpful for managing my personal challenges. Steve faciliatated the online presence with energy and true connection. Have signed up and ready to go with daily practice! Highly recommend.” Lorien Cadier

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1-1 Tuition

A series of 4 private 1-1 (or 1-2) tuition in-person or online, arranged at your convenience and tailored to your pace of learning.

"What a brilliant way to get started. Elliot led me through the practice so effectively and I felt totally prepared when it came to join the general sessions." Sally James

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In-Person Intro Course

The 4 day classic LYM Intro course held at the Ashram, giving you everything you need to join the Ashram community. Enquire for next course dates.

“Absolutely incredible from start to finish. I was made to feel extremely welcome and at ease from the moment I strolled in. Love the blend of Yoga, deep breathing, exercises and education surrounding the principles of the Living Yoga Method. Highly recommended to everyone and anyone."  Jonathan Clark

How does the In Person Course work?

4 day in-person programme at Wildwood Yoga Ashram in Hamble.

- In each session learn a specific group of yoga practices including: postures, breath work and deep relaxation.

- Lots of opportunity for Q&A with a real live yoga teacher throughout the sessions!

- Instil confidence, boost strength and feel the benefit of a ‘yogic body’.

- Set of yoga postures and breathing techniques that are yours to take away and enjoy whenever you want.

- Build momentum through the 4 day course and feel fully confident to join any of the Living Yoga Sessions once complete.

- Access to the all the Living Yoga Sessions on the Ashram Schedule (both in-person & online) & be a part of the community of LYM yoga practitioners.


"The Method is a simple but very effective set of principles... Unlike joining a class and fumbling around like a ‘newbie’, you will be taught a comprehensive practice on which you can grow in a way you would not have thought possible. It has been life changing for me.” Varina

"I never really got yoga and the power of breathwork until now. This is an amazing Method and Steve is a sublime teacher. I can't recommend more highly this beginners course. Loved it and definitely now on the journey, wish I had done this decades ago!" ~ Sara Glen

Is it for me?

Complete beginner? Absolutely, this programme has been especially designed to give you the best possible introduction to yoga.

Returning to yoga? Yes, the programme is a great way to ease yourself back into the practice and specifically to learn the Living Yoga Method.

Seasoned yoga practitioner? Yes! This programme will give you a great understanding of the Living Yoga philosophy and style of practice, so that you can gain the most from the general Living Yoga sessions.

This course is not appropriate for pregnant women, we recommend finding a specific Yoga for Pregnancy course.

"The course has been transformative. In the past yoga has seemed like an endurance competition feeling the need to push further and harder. LYM places much more emphasis on the enjoyment of each posture which leads to a greater flexibility that can be enjoyed for a lifetime.  I found the Method’s Double Breathing technique awakened an awareness of the meditative aspect of yoga that I never appreciated before.” ~ Nick Phillips


“There are no pre-requisites for beginning your training in Living Yoga. You do not need to be flexible, spiritual, or peaceful! The only requirement is a sincere wish to open, grow, and fulfill your highest potential.” ~ Steve Harrison, Founder of Living Yoga Method

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