Awaken Your Inner Power

Menstrual Cycle Awareness

Half-day Workshop for Women

Discover the amazing intelligence of your female body

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"What have periods got to do with yoga & self-transformation?"

" Well... turns out, just about everything! "

This down to earth and utterly practical workshop for women introduces the power of the menstrual cycle and how to begin to work with it.

You are offered a map through which you can observe and understand your menstrual cycle so you can explore what is really going on each month and how to tap into its incredible feedback and messaging system - rather than the usual resist and override!

This is invaluable awareness for any woman on a journey of self-transformation and certainly for those practising yoga, in fact we think it's the essential key through which women can unlock the deeper elements of the Living Yoga Method.

Understanding my menstrual cycle has had a profound affect on my life and how I feel as a woman. I suffer badly from PMT and had to take anti anxiety medication to help get me through certain phases of my cycle as well as take quite strong pain killers during my period. Learning about my cycle, becoming more in tune with it, combined with my Living Yoga practice has given me the courage to stop taking the medication and I’m now virtually pain free during that time of the month. This wisdom is invaluable. I wish that I had had this knowledge growing up, it would have changed how I approached life and saw myself. I’m just thankful to have it now! ” ~Suze

Sarah has been facilitating sessions to optimise female wellbeing through menstrual cycle awareness and the cyclic wisdom of yoga through the various phases of life, since becoming curious and inspired over a decade ago.

"I’ve been running these workshops for years now, and continue to do so, because every time it’s affirmed for me how life-changing this menstrual wisdom really is to women, both for our everyday life and for our yoga practice."  ~Sarah

Alongside being Co-director of the Yoga Sanctuary and a Teacher of the Living Yoga Method, Sarah has trained specifically in the area of female wellbeing with Alexandra Pope and Sjanie Hugo Wurtlizer of Red School  through the ‘ Menstruality Leadership Programme ’ ( 2011 ) and with  Uma Dismore-Tuli 's ‘Yoni Shakti: Well Women Yoga Therapy’ training ( 2013 ) and Pregnancy, Postnatal Teacher Training Programme ( 2010 ).

The Workshop is open to all women

No matter what the nature of your cycle,
whether you are on birth control or not,
or whichever phase of life you may in.


 "I feel so inspired after our workshop, I have been thinking about my cycle and I can now see so much that makes sense... I feel excited to experience my next cycle so I can pay proper attention to how I am feeling and relate it to what I learnt. Feeling so positive about something that has before been such an inconvenience for me."   ~ Claire D.

"I have gained such clarity on my menstrual cycle and having an insight into what's to come regarding my menopause is invaluable.  Thank you from the bottom of my heart for sharing your experiences and wisdom with us all."   ~ Julie A .

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