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At the Yoga Sanctuary we practice the
Living Yoga Method, a complete toolkit for your self-transformation.

Real Yoga for Real People with Real Results!
Simple, direct and effective practices to reclaim your body, breath and mind for a healthy, happy and empowered life.

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"I first met Steve in 2016, I was at a crossroads in my life. If I hadn’t chosen to follow the threads of inspiration that brought me to the Yoga Sanctuary, I doubt I would ever have ended up where I am today - filled with excitement and enthusiasm towards life, and perseverance that has enabled me to accomplish any goal. I’ve been teaching and practicing yoga for years, and have traveled around to many places; I've sat with many teachers and nowhere can I find the same experience that Steve, the Living Yoga Method and the Yoga Sanctuary provide. I am beyond grateful for the platform that this community has provided for me to launch from. If you are feeling the pull, say yes. You might end up where you least expect, but I doubt you’ll be disappointed….”

~ Grant Ifflander, Yoga Teacher

"Ten years of exploring yoga, and I have never come close to what Steve and the Yoga Sanctuary have put together in the Living Yoga Method. Seriously. It's as if all the yogic practices and ideas have been distilled into something kind, gentle, challenging and, most of all, effective!"

~ Jon Wiltshire, Journalist & Musician

"Learning the Living Yoga Method is the best investment I have ever made, it has been life changing. I didn’t quite expect what I thought was going to be a knee injury recovery method to have gotten me to a stage where I now practice and meditate everyday!"

~ Priya Shah, Optometrist/Optician

"The online Living Yoga Sessions really have changed my life, from the outside my life appears the same, but from within, the Living Yoga Method has had a profound effect on me. My life is such that getting away from my home and children regularly to attend a yoga session would have always been difficult, so the Online sessions give me the opportunity to embrace a regular yoga practice - not sure I could live without it now!"

~ Sarah Janes, Mum

"The Living Yoga Method has been a revelation.  The breathing and the postures bring the mind and the body together in a way that I have never previously experienced. At 53 I have found the perfect way to start my day; I am relaxed yet energised and ready to make the most of what comes my way."

~ Debbie Burns, Deputy CEO of a charity

"Wonderful life-changing effects! The Living Yoga Method has given me a guaranteed step-by-step way of living my life to its fullest."

~ Elliot House, Digital Marketing Specialist

"Living Yoga has been transformative. I tried other types of yoga but always felt neither strong nor flexible enough. The Living Yoga Method has enabled me to explore without judgement or concern for ‘what the pose should look like’ and in this way the practice has become ‘my own’ to adapt and experience. I feel an improved sense of well-being and happiness in my personal life."

~ Olivia Allen, Biology Teacher

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