What is the Yoga Sanctuary?

The Yoga Sanctuary is a dedicated Yoga space within the family home of its founder Steve Harrison.  It has grown organically within the heart of the Southampton community for the past 18 years and become a hub of energy and inspiration for thousands of students, locally and worldwide.
The Yoga Sanctuary’s mission is two fold:
  1. To offer authentic Yoga training for those who wish to transform and uplift their lives and the lives of those around them.
  2. To serve as a support system for home practice with online resource to assist all students in maintaining a daily practice.
The Yoga Sanctuary offers daily classes in the authentic techniques of Yoga, its universal philosophy, and practical application in daily life. The Sanctuary also offers Intensive Retreats in India and Europe, and Teacher Training Programmes at basic and advanced level, making it the home of Yoga in Southampton.
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