What is  The Living Yoga Method™ ?

The Living Yoga Method is a complete system of hatha yoga for anyone who wishes to live a more conscious, self-empowered, healthy and blissful existence.

There are no pre-requisites for beginning your training in Living Yoga, you do not need to be flexible, spiritual or peaceful! The only requirement is a sincere wish to open, grow and fulfil your highest potential.

The Living Yoga Method has evolved over 25 years of rigorous practice and dedicated teaching by founder of the Yoga Sanctuary, Steve Harrison, into what is now a beautifully systematic and progressive approach to this ancient science.

Living Yoga is designed as a daily practice for the modern yogi who wishes to take their bodies, minds and lives back into their own hands and make a real and positive change.

How does The Living Yoga Method™ work?

The Living Yoga Method is a complete system of yoga that takes the practitioner from being a first-time novice to a most advanced practitioner:

  * Level 1 Living Yoga is primarily for mastery of the Physical Body

  * Level 2 Living Yoga focusses on mastery of the Breath & Life-Energies

  * Level 3 Living Yoga works directly on mastery of the Mind & Meditation

What makes Living Yoga different?

All the tools and know-how are here. But the most important thing to remember is:

“It's not what you do, but how you do it! That makes the difference!”

In Living Yoga all of our postures, breathing and meditation practices are supported and informed by 4 principles, without these 4 principles it's simply not Living Yoga!

1st Principle of Living Yoga: 'Sukha' meaning 'Ease' - Keep your cool, maintain an inner ease and natural joyfulness in all the practices. Don’t be a seeker, don’t compete, don’t judge yourself, don’t force it! Be happy where you are, whilst always being open for more.

2nd Principle of Living Yoga: 'Spanda' meaning 'Pulse' - Connect to the pulse of your breath. Every-time you breathe in, life comes into you, every time you breathe out, you let go into life - it's nature's way, follow it and it will take you deeper into the bliss of your body and silence of your mind than any amount of push and shove could ever do.

3rd Principle of Living Yoga: 'Lila' meaning 'Play' - Play your edges - your boundaries exist to be stretched - but remember keep the joy in it (Sukha) and use your breath (Spanda), and you will soon see that all your limitations, physical and mental, have only been imagined.

4th Principle of Living Yoga: 'Purna' meaning 'Fulfilment' - Leave every practice knowing that you gave the whole of yourself to it - leave satisfied, fulfilled and complete - make it 'perfect' for you.

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