What is 'Living Yoga'?

Living Yoga is a complete system of Yoga for anyone who wishes to live a more conscious, self-empowered, healthy and blissful existence.

There are no pre-requisites for beginning your training in Living Yoga, you do not need to be flexible, spiritual or peaceful! The only requirement is a sincere wish to open, grow and fulfil your highest potential.

Practitioners of Living Yoga commit to a daily home yoga practice combined with the endeavour to embody Yoga’s ten life principles in their daily lives. 

The Living Yoga System


For those new to or returning to Yoga we have the 10-week Beginners Programme. This is a comprehensive and systematic training in the fundamentals of Yoga practice and its application in daily life.

Level 1 Living Yoga:

For those who have completed the Beginners Programme or who already have an established Yoga practice, the Level 1 Living Yoga sessions offer a general ‘house-cleaning’ for the body and mind through Yoga Postures, Breath Practices and Deep Relaxation. Yoga Philosophy is interwoven into the fabric of each class to encourage simple mind shifts that lead to a more positive and fulfilling life.

Level 2 Living Yoga:

Level 2 sessions are open to practitioners who are comfortable in the Level 1 sessions and have refined their 6/6 Ujjayi breath rhythm throughout the full practice. These sessions involve a shorter time in the posture practice and explore the seated practice of Spinal Breathing which addresses subtler tensions within the body and mind. Spinal Breathing is a deep cleansing of the nervous system that works to break down stubborn conditionings and negative habit patterns that inhibit our natural joyfulness. Instruction on the Living Yoga method of Meditation is included in this level of the training to focus our mental energies and elicit a deep inner stillness.

Level 3 Living Yoga:

This level of the training involves advanced yoga practices, which we refer to as 'Empowerments' for the Spinal Breathing practice, to cultivate an ecstatic nervous system and a profound and abiding inner stillness. It is imperative that the practitioner is firmly established in the Level 2 training before embarking on Level 3.

Next Level 3 Sessions start:  
Tuesday 4th September 2018 @ 7:00pm

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