Teachers at the Yoga Sanctuary
Steve Harrison: 
Having set off in his late teens as a young traveller, Steve arrived in the Himalayan foothills at the age of 23, where he experienced a life-changing encounter with a Yoga Master. The transmission of energy that followed triggered an on-going inner transformation, but it was to take further years of intensive daily Yoga practice, along with the priceless guidance of a number of Yoga adepts, for Steve to begin to embody the experience and teaching he had received. Another eighteen years of daily practice and full-time teaching later, Steve is the Founder of the Yoga Sanctuary and a blossoming community of Yogis in Southampton and beyond. He lives with his wife Sarah and their three daughters, endeavouring to infuse the universal and timeless principles of Yoga into a busy modern-day family life.
Sarah Wilks-Harrison: 
Sarah began her Yoga journey at the Sanctuary 16 years ago, completing her basic and advanced Teacher Training before becoming Co-Director of the Yoga Sanctuary in 2009. Inspired by the births of her three daughters, Sarah specialised in pregnancy and post-natal Yoga for many years before going on to train in the area of women's wellbeing. She now offers sessions to raise awareness of the deeper understanding of the menstrual cycle for women's emotional and spiritual empowerment. Sarah is at the heart of the Yoga Sanctuary supporting Steve in all aspects of the teaching work as well as offering Yoga in the wider community through schools and charities. 

Elliot Donnelly: 
Elliot is a dedicated practitioner of Living Yoga as well as being a writer, therapist and Yoga teacher. Elliot has a wide ranging experience of life; from serving in the military to working with the young homeless, and more recently people living with cancer. His varied and real-world background means his teaching has an earthy authenticity that brings the teachings of Living Yoga to life for all those who share classes with him.

Sanctuary-trained Teachers sharing Living Yoga:

Nuala O'Keefe - Southampton: www.nualayoga.wordpress.com

Laura Whitaker @ Yoga Junkie - Fareham: www.yoga-junkie.co.uk

Jo Welch - Eastleigh, Southampton & Winchester: www.anandayoga.co.uk

Poppy Koumis - Winchester & Retreats: www.koumisandkettle.co.uk/yoga/

Silvia Gill, Sol Yoga - Winchester: www.sol-yoga.co.uk

Judith Davis - Winchester: www.mindedyogawinchester.co.uk

Lauren O'Sullivan - Southampton - classes and private tuition, disabilities & workplace: https://clayyoga.co.uk

Francesca Bingley - Southampton & New Forest - classes & private tuition: 

Lou Perham - Rownhams House, Southampton - classes: lkperham@hotmail.com
Kate Lever - Bitterne Southampton - classes, private tuition & mobile: 07516 760 866

Louise Semple - Rownhams House, Southampton - classes & private: 07776136733

Martha Valiadi - Somerset - classes, private & mobile: martha_vld@hotmail.com

Pregnancy Yoga Teachers:

Ijay Sady - Southampton:  www.myyogaspace.co.uk

Michelle Sutton - New Forest:  www.newforestyogi.co.uk

Living Yoga for Senior Citizens:

Lyn Hume - Chandler's Ford & Romsey - classes for Seniors, private tuition: 
02380 275462

Isabel Gurr - Southampton & Romsey - classes for Seniors: 07810 171115

And Abroad...

Stella Lefkothea: ZenZem in Crete Greece - classes & retreats: www.zenzem.gr

Adele Sales: Geurnsey - classes & private tuition:  www.beinyourbody.co.uk

Hannah Brown: Austria - classes & courses: www.secretgardenyoga.co.uk

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