Living Yoga Sessions

We use simple but profoundly effective Yoga methods of:

  • moving freely (Asana),
  • breathing deeply (Pranayama) and
  • seeing clearly (Meditation)

          to deepen our Body, Mind and Soul connection.

We conclude our Yoga Practice with a short open discussion (Satsang) on how we can integrate the new insight and understanding of ourselves into our everyday lives and relationships. These transformative and life-enriching sessions are ongoing and are designed to facilitate a lifetime of physical, mental and spiritual growth.

If you are new to Yoga we recommend you consider our Beginners Programme to give you a full introduction to the practice of Yoga at the Sanctuary.

For long-term Yoga practitioners, Prem is very happy to see you for a private consultation so you can decide together the best session for you to continue your journey. Please
contact us to arrange a meeting. There is no charge for this initial meeting.

"YOGA IS.... to make contact with the bigger part of ourselves, the deeper part of ourselves so that we feel whole, BODY, MIND and SOUL integrated. Feeling ourselves from the surface of our skin to the depth of our heart as one pulsing, enlightened organism. Joyful, blissful and loving to our bones. This is Yoga and it is available to every one of us!”
Living Yoga Facebook Group:

We have a Facebook Group for the online Yoga community devoted to sharing the wisdom that unfolds in us all through living our Yoga. All are welcome to check in and be inspired by the heart-felt posts shared:


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