Your Home Practice
The Yoga Sanctuary exists to support you in your own personal transformation through dedicated daily home practice.

Click on the links below to view some of the Yoga Sanctuary Asana Flows produced to support your home practice:-

Sample the Beginners Programme:

              Week 1         Week 2      

Level 1 Living Yoga Flows WITH the Woodblock:

             Level 1 Living Yoga Flow - Complete Practice (1 hour)               

            Level 1 Living Yoga Flow - Short Practice (30 mins)

Level 1 Living Yoga Flows WITHOUT the Woodblock:

             20min (A)         20min (B)        20min (C)        20min (D)

            30min (A)         30min (B)        30min (C)

             45min (A)          45min (B)

             'No-Holds' Vinyasa Flow

Targeted 20-minute Flows:

               Shoulders (1)          Shoulders (2)     

               Lotus (1)                 Lotus (2)

               Backbends (Spinal Rejuvenation) 
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