Your Home Practice
The Yoga Sanctuary exists to support you in your own personal transformation through dedicated daily home practice.

Click on the links below to view some of the Yoga Sanctuary Asana Flows produced to support your home practice:-

Beginners Programme:

              Week 1 (of 10)       Week 2 (of 10)     Week 3 (of 10)       Week 4 (of 10)  

Week 5 (of 10)       Week 6 (of 10)     Week 7 (of 10)       Week 8 (of 10)

              Week 9 (of 10)       Week 10 (of 10)

1-Hour Full Living Yoga Flow:

               Full Living Yoga Flow

20-minute Living Yoga Flows:

               Simple Yoga Flow       General Flow (1)       General Flow (2)      

               Lunar Flow Variations      Trigonometry of Triangle       Firing the Bow
               The Sun & The Siddha      The Swan & The Sage      Angle of Trajectory         

               The Way of the Warrior     The Eagle Warrior      Exploring Bowing Triangle

               Striking a Balance      Spinal Rejuvenation       Swan Flow & More

               The Siddha       Bridge Flow

20-minute Yoga Deepening Flows:

               Long Hold Postures        Balancing Flow           Solar Flow           Root Lock Flow

               Shoulder Loop Flow          Shoulder Loop Flow (2)           The Way of the Warrior

               Kali & The Crow          Twisted!         Backbone!      The Humble Warrior

               Preparation for Lotus Pose       Preparartion for Lotus Pose - Part 2

               Bridge Flow (Deepening)
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