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What have periods got to do with yoga and self-transformation?
Well the answer is.... Everything!

This ‘down to earth’ and utterly practical workshop for women introduces the power of our menstrual cycle and how to begin to work with it.  

You are offered a map through which you can observe and understand your menstrual cycle to explore what is really going on each month, and how to tap into its incredible feedback and messaging system - rather than the usual resist and override!

This is invaluable awareness for any woman practising yoga and on a journey of self-transformation, in fact we think it's the essential key to unlock the deeper practices of the Living Yoga Method.

"I’ve been running these sessions for years now, and continue to do so, because every time it is affirmed how life-changing this menstrual wisdom really is to women, both for our everyday life and for our yoga practice." ~ Sarah.

The Workshop is open to all women,
no matter what the nature of your cycle, whether you are on birth control or not, or whichever phase of life you may in.

Workshop Cost: £30.



 "I feel so inspired after our workshop, I have been thinking about my cycle and I can now see so much that makes sense... I feel excited to experience my next cycle so I can pay proper attention to how I am feeling and relate it to what I learnt. Feeling so positive about something that has before been such an inconvenience for me."  ~ Claire D.

"I have gained such clarity on my menstrual cycle and having an insight into what's to come regarding my menopause is invaluable.  Thank you from the bottom of my heart for sharing your experiences and wisdom with us all."  
~ Julie A.

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