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Within a woman lies a powerful resource for Wellbeing,
Creative Fulfillment and Spiritual Empowerment...
...her Menstrual Cycle!

This ‘down to earth’ and utterly practical workshop introduces the power of this inner resource and how to begin to work with it. 

You are offered a map through which you can observe and understand your menstrual cycle to harvest its power - revealing a truly affirming and empowered sense of being a woman!

Explore what is really going on in our menstrual cycle and how to tap into its incredible feedback and messaging system, rather than the usual resist and override!

It’s open to all women who wish to deepen in their understanding of how the life energy is operating uniquely through the female form. This is invaluable awareness for any woman practising yoga and indeed we feel it is the essential key to unlock the deeper practices of Living Yoga as we progress.

"I’ve been running these sessions for a few years now and continue to do so because I see this menstrual wisdom, whatever stage in life we may be at, as utterly crucial to our personal and spiritual development as women. And this belief is affirmed every time I hear the feedback from the women who attend." ~ Sarah.

By deepening our understanding of ourselves as a woman, we naturally deepen into our Living Yoga practice and into how we live our lives as a whole.

Becoming awake to the true meaning and gifts of the menstrual cycle has been nothing less than life-changing for us and the many women we’ve worked with…

The Workshop is open to all women,
no matter what the nature of your cycle, whether you are on birth control or not, or whichever phase of life you may in.

Workshop Cost: £30.

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