Next Workshop:

Saturday 23rd September 2017

@ 2pm - 5pm.

Within a woman lies a powerful resource for Wellbeing,
Creative Fulfillment and Spiritual Empowerment...
...her Menstrual Cycle!

This ‘down to earth’ and utterly practical workshop introduces 
the power of this inner resource and how to begin to work with it.

You are offered a map through which you can observe and understand 
your menstrual cycle to harvest its power, rather than override and ignore its messages, 
- revealing a truly affirming and empowered sense of being a woman!

By deepening our understanding of ourselves as a woman,
we naturally deepen into our Yoga practice and into how we live our lives as a whole. 

The Workshop is open to all women,
no matter what the nature of your cycle or the phase of your life.

Workshop Cost: £30.


"For the past few years I have been working with the menstrual cycle, both within myself and with other women, as an inner resource for self-awareness and inner guidance…. it has been a total life-changer to discover and unlock this wisdom we carry within." ~ Sarah.
The wisdom shared in this workshop has deep ancient roots. Roots that have been largely forgotten and neglected for many, many generations. It is now being re-appropriated to meet the needs and conditions of our time by some great pioneers of this work, one of whom I have personally trained with - Alexandra Pope ( and her work has inspired what is shared in the workshop.

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